Mill Stands

Mill Stands are the most essential equipment in the rolling mill process , a mill stand is usually fitted with 2 rolls through which the processed bar is passed giving it the required shape through the roll grooving as per the roll pass design. There are various designs of mill stand each having different applications to the rolling process.

There are various designs of mill stand each having different applications to the rolling process.

What is included


This consists of a roll stand, mill spindles, a pinion stand, a gear reducer and a motor. In case of constant pass line, the roll stand slides on the surface of the sole plate. In a low speed rolling mill with less than 18 m/sec, the pinion stand and gear reducer from a single unit. A cross pin joint is used for the mill spindle and is supported by the spindle carrier during rolling.


Housing less mill stand is a pre-stressed stand which is more rigid than the conventional stands, the housing less stand have rigid roll chocks held together by tension screws.The roll chocks are free floating on two ension screws on each side of the mill stand, one is right hand threaded and another one is left hand threaded. This mechanism insures mathematical opening & closing of the roll gap related to the pass line. The roll changing is easy and much quicker with a roll changing device which
pulls out the complete roll changing assembly & replaces the cartridge.
The housing less stands are normally arranged in Horizontal-Vertical no twist arrangement which allows no twist rolling which permits larger reduction and smoother rolling as it eliminates twisting oval into round passes as in the conventional oval – to -round sequence which results in less guide wear and simpler guide design.
Advantages of Housing less Stands.
Vertical Stand
Horizontal Stand


Cantilever compact stands are employed in a wide range of sizes for a vast variety of applications. Preferred fields of application are:

  • 1-strand mill lines in horizontal/vertical arrangement.
  • In split intermediate trains of two or more strand mill lines.
  •  As replacement stand for mill train modifications (e.g. in the event of space probles).
  • As refinisher stands in wire rod delivery sections.
  • In finishing trains.


A universal stand is a four way rolling stand used in the rolling of section usually beams, where in the section is shaped from all four sides; the stand has sets of a horizontal & a vertical rolls, each in order to roll and shape the desired section.